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Dear Boris,

I very much enjoyed seeing the video describing your floor design. It is stunningly beautiful!

I've forwarded the link on to other members of our organization and hope it helps to increase the awareness of your work.

Best wishes for your success,
Peggy Moretti
Architectural Heritage Center/Bosco-Milligan Foundation




I have looked through the links you supplied and am impressed by your work and the accolades it has received. I am an artist and use Architecture as one of several outlets for my creativity.I can tell you have an expertise worthy of admiration. I can think of for us to collaborate on or for you to assist me with. I love to design and am consistantly disappointed by others aptitude for making money without making art.

Denis A. Cassidy, R.A., A.I.A.
Cassidy Architectural Design, L.L.C.
Katonah NY/Stamford CT




Greetings Boris,

With over thirty(30) years experience as a Broker and Distributor of fine building materials and over four (4) years working with you on many high end projects, your wood floors are simply spectacular. Your design, attention to detail, combined with the "wow" factor is second to none. You are a true Artisan, Craftsman and consummate Professional with the ability to meet or exceed the needs of any project. It is an honor working with you.

Tom Heisa
Heisa Groop




It's great to know that your goals are turning to reality; you worked extraordinarily hard for it and definitely deserve it!

Your Brother Paul, Tina, Gina, and David Giordano