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Industry overview

The construction industry’s main problem is the project owner’s not given choices in the preparation of the bidding documents, especially project details and specifications (some architects refer to this as “It is impossible to create an encyclopedia of the bidding documents”). No matter what options project owners select from below provided, the result of the completed project’s stands as a degraded variety of products, work and services, over-budget costs, and on many occasions, difficulty and even litigation. Even hiring a project management company doesn’t provide required expectation. In addition, in most instances, it's a cause of such strife, unfair business practices (known as “assassinating”) by all project participants.

With ASI’s partnership on a bilateral basis between project owners and all participants, which costs extra but also provides additional savings, fair and competitive conditions will be created on any construction project while at the same time guaranteeing the best possible quality of work and services within the allocated budget. Provided overview is an intent to create a team work between all project's participant, right from the project's conceptual stages, for the best possible customers satisfaction.  

Industry adopted three project choices by which to proceed on a general contract.

LUMP SUM CONTRACT (Also known as a Hard Bid)
Contract with a Fixed Amount determined in accordance with a complete set of Contract Documents prepared by Owner/Developer's Architect and/or other Consultants.

Best suited for Owner/Developer who is more "hands-on" in the bidding and construction process and has the flexibility of making changes to effect savings in the budget for its own benefit.

Suitable for Fast Track projects, where the Work must be commenced, because of time constraints, without a complete set of Working Drawings, or when, as in the case of certain Rehab projects, the existing conditions cannot be readily determined.

On almost every upscale project every reputable builder should use Cost Plus method in order to ensure completion of the project to the highest possible extent. Ludicrously, during the bidding process some general contractors try to obtain details and specifications from the subcontractors who are bidding on the job and in direct conflict with customer interest. No matter how experienced and trustfull general contractor can be till bidding documents will be provided to the best possible exstend by the independent, no conflict of interest provider, there is no project owner assuarnce to the best of the project's outcome. In many instances, project cost end up to 1.5 to 2 times higher than anticipated budget. The customer, relying on the general contractor’s experience, trust, and loyalty, finds the details and specifications are provided by the subcontractors who are assassinating each other for the sake of getting the contract! No matter what choice is made, none of it can provide customer satisfaction until the details and specifications for quality materials and goods are disclosed prior to the subcontractor’s bidding. ASI’s discoveries, based upon years of experience and research, are the only solution which, to the best possible extent, can guarantee performance of the project on a Hard Bid basis, were ASI hired on "Exclusive" basis (See at Scope of Services). Therefor ASI services not just an option but a necessity for any project.

ASI’s business model and methodology are designed as a one-stop resource, which adds some cost but which also generates additional savings, and guarantees project owners will enjoy the best possible outcome of their projects within allocated budget. At “Company", please acknowledge why ASI is the only source, which to the best of our knowladge is only one on the market. We strongly encourage our customers, architects and interior designers to invest time in understanding ASI’s business model and methodology by reviewing the materials posted on our website, and to contact us to arrange a meeting.