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Boris Kushnir

Boris Kushnir has spent over 30 years to gain a professional recognition in the construction industry for residential and commercial projects in California. Following the tradition of his father in the Russian Ukraine, at an early age he graduated from the Art Woodworking Trade College and Academy of Forestry in St. Petersburg, with an Engineering Degree in Woodworking Technology. The artisanship skills and experience he attained inspired Kushnir to pursue his high ideals of professionalism.

After holding an executive position in the former USSR and witnessing the collapse of the Soviet totalitarian system, Mr. Kushnir moved his wife and two children to California, in search of an opportunity to improve his art and craft, while expanding his knowledge and experience. In the ensuing years, he has devoted his time to the woodworking and construction industry, participating in residential, commercial, public works and governmental projects.

He has worked as a subcontractor and general contractor, and while representing construction companies in such positions as Senior Project Manager and Chief Estimator, Kushnir earned his company the highest recognition (including recognition under the Woodwork Institute of California Certified Compliance) on many design built projects. Some examples include the private aircraft interiors for President Ronald Reagan; supervision of the Bowing 747 interior for Prince Saud Al-Faisal of Saudi Arabia; the Central Lobby for the Port of Long Beach; the Air Force Base in El Segundo; Sony Pictures Theaters 3 & 5; and a luxury estate for film producer Andrew Lazar. Boris’s credentials also include participation in three subcontracting and one general construction companies where Boris’s influence helped to recovery those companies and keep them from going out of business and as of this date are still a growing success.

After over 4 yeras of the research and development for Architectural Sourcing, Inc. (ASI) Boris has managed to bring a solution to many of the problems that persist in construction industry. By offering clarification of the plans and bidding documents right from the customer project’s conceptual stages, ensures the fairest and most competitive bidding process. It stops adversarial relationships and as a bottom line guarantees the best possible workmanlike and services quality within the allocated budget.

Considering unusual expertise Boris represents ASI as a Sr. Project Manager. Boris personally participate on the projects performing duties of an Architectural and Interior Design-Detailer, Specifications Writer and Project Coordinator.

In 2007, Kushnir participated in the completion of an 8,300 sq. ft. Arts & Crafts-style custom home in Ladera Ranch, California, executing his duties as an Architectural Interior Detailer-Consultant. In addition, Kushnir invented a 4,300 sq. ft. design built wood floor. He spent two months in the design stages, conducted six field measurements and made four trips to Russia to train engineers and working personnel in two factories. This project was preinstalled on the factory floors, marked, labeled, disassembled, delivered and installed at the job site with no cuts, except at doors and openings.


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Boris hobbies include; Ballroom Dancing, Skiing, Bowling, Travel, Entertainment and anything else, which makes life happier.

He has 2 kids:



Co - Founder and Board Member - Gen Next

Founder – (co-Chair) - PTTOW   

 Co-Founder and Board Member - Allience of Youth Movement 

Founder - Access Media 360

RenE'e - Sr. Producer / Project Manager CBS Interactive