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Affiliate Benefits

"Integration" amongst general contractors, material suppliers, and subcontractors, as an ASI affiliates, creates the most vital team, which assure customer’s needs in imaginative quality of work and services within the budget.  ASI's marketing; estimating, bidding and project coordination services allow the most fairest and competitive bidding process. The benefits of partnering with ASI’s are as follows:

1. Advertising and Marketing

a. ASI’s advertising, marketing and projects prequalification service saves affiliates 3% to 8% of the overhead cost, saves working capital; which allows company grow in revenue, profitability and increased image for upscale projects participation.  This also saves time for bidding on projects quantity insuring fair shares for the project award.

b. Participation in Co-Op advertising provides an additional savings as well as an increased image especially from ASI Exclusive and Elite services (Click Here)

project's participation.

c. The essential part of ASI's affiliation is an advantage to share customer's referrals from Projects Networking between affiliates.

2. Estimating

ASI use of estimating software as Planswift (See Takeoff examples) integrated with Textura (Project Management & Payable Networking) adds special values to a small and medium size affiliated companies. It increases projects participation and qualifying for a larger size and upscale projects.

ASI provided three estimating options, where everyone includes ASI bids submittal, project’s award negotiations and projects control up to its completion. These services are:

1st – Estimating Services. The average cost is $100 per each trade. Prior to the bid submittal ASI send takeoff and all other details for affiliate approval. Upon project award that fee deducted from ASI revenue share during 1st deposit 50% and 2nd payment of 50% (They are from .25% to 5% depends on the project volume). (Affiliate provides Unit Price, which is confidential and protected under agreement during affiliate registration, ASI fee break down also introduced there). Under this type of services ASI represent only one company. Same services applied for ASI customers under contract for Elite services where ASI represents only one affiliated company.

2nd – ASI may provide takeoff on selected trades and prior to the bid submittal get affiliate’s price confirmation. ASI shares same as at 1st option. ASI offer customers three companies for the same trade and/or category.

3rd – Affiliates do their own estimates and submit bids to ASI. ASI confirms scope of work on “apple for apple” basis and submit customer the one with the lowest price. ASI provides Bid Results to all participants to assure the fairness to the bidding process. (Those conditions also protected under agreement during registration).

Under projects Exclusive participation (customer sign ASI contract) ASI provides estimating, including breaking price details for materials, labor, areas of work, etc., for all interior trades, prior to the bidding process. ASI insures expectation of the targeted prices from the bidders and helps to avoid bid participants underestimating mistakes. For all Scope of Services – Click Here

3. Bidding

a. Under projects Exclusive participation ASI provides Scope of Work with Inclusions and Exclusions for all interior trades before the bidding process, which insures the "apple for apple" competitive bidding process. By getting three (3) bids for the same trade and/or category and then submitting those to the customer’s final award ASI insures the fairest bidding process.

b. ASI protects affiliates from entering into projects with price underbidding mistakes.  

c. By posting Bids Result records on the ASI website, there is additional assurance on every bidding participant to the fairest bidding process.

4. Projects Coordination

ASI projects participation, to the best of a possible extent, guarantees and creates no aggravations and unhealthy conditions between participants. This is especially customary at the private sector market.

a. During the performance of the projects, ASI insures a pay request compliant between customers and affiliates.

b. During the performance of the projects, ASI monitors and helps in coordination amongst the trades.

c. Upon any disagreements between project participants and affiliates ASI mediate the issues to the best of ASI's ability.

d. As necessary ASI will implement its “Cost Quality & Time Management Control System” "CQTMCS".