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Customer Benefits

Whether projects are in thousands or in millions of dollars, ASI publicly disclosed low fee, as a part of the partnership with the qualified professionals and affiliated material/product suppliers, is the customer’s guarantee that ASI participate on the projects on a bipartisan basis. It include the assurance that cost of project’s are the most comparative and without jeopardizing quality of work and services within a budget. It allows representing affiliates and serving customers with dignity and fairness. It also serves ASI customers with the contractor’s loyalty, assured quality, best possible services, guaranteed budget and peace of mind for years to come!

Whether projects are in the thousands or the millions of dollars, ASI’s publicly-disclosed low fee, as a part of the partnership with qualified professionals and affiliated contractors and material/product suppliers, is the customer’s guarantee that ASI participates on the projects on an impartial basis. It includes the assurance that the project’s costs are the most competitive without jeopardizing the quality of work and services within a budget. It allows representing affiliates and serving customers with dignity and fairness. It also serves ASI’s customers with the contractor’s loyalty, quality assurance, best possible service, guaranteed budget, and peace of mind for years to come! 

Project Owner Benefits:

1. ASI guarantees the best project services and quality for the allocated budget by:

a. When hiring ASI on Exclusive Basis, without additional cost ASI organizes a team of qualified project professionals and representative affiliates on an impartial basis. We provide the services outlined in Scope of Services, including a price breakdown and the scope of work, so that at least three subcontractors from the same trade or categories bid on an “apple-for-apple” basis. This alone provides substantial savings and project values.

b. With the Elite Service, where ASI participates on the custom home upscale projects with a minimum budget of $600 per square foot, our team of contractors includes selected general contractors and subcontractors from all trades. Every company is prequalified by ASI on the basis of an excellent record-standing. At the customer’s discretion, we can also help with selection of the best qualified architect and/or interior designer without an additional fee. Prior to the agreement, ASI will provide a breakdown for professional services and construction costs. Customer contractors may also participate in the project by registering with ASI as an affiliated partner. ASI’s participation includes the services outlined in item “a” without additional cost. ASI acts as a project coordinator on an impartial basis.

c. Assuring the best possible quality products, workmanship, and services, along with cost savings against the allocated budget.

d. Engineering values provided before the bidding process will disclose quality and cost options for materials and labor, that can vary economically, to the highest possible extent.

e. Manufacturing and on-site quality control provided by ASI will coordinate project details between trades.

f. Having only licensed contractors who are insured with both liability and worker’s compensation. They are prequalified and certified by ASI for workmanlike quality, and are selected from an ASI data base which prequalifies them by the project size and the area of work. (YOU REALLY SHOULD FIND ANOTHER WORD FOR “PREQUALIFIES”. YOU ALREADY USED IT ONCE IN THIS SENTENCE)

G. Under ASI’s supervision, subcontractors are provided with a team effort to the best possible extent in order to address any aggravations and/or concerns.

General Contractors Benefits:

1. Time and Cost Savings on:

a. Eliminating multiple calls for the project details, organizing the bidding process, and project management during project performance.

b. Providing a cost estimate on all trades with the use of Planswift or other estimating software, which also provides Unite Price for each trade and/or category. For the cost of services for a specific project, please respond at Contact Us.

c. On projects, especially new construction, general contractors have to deal with approximately 120 to 160 contractors. ASI created a contractor’s data base. By using our ITB Form, it will save time on multiple calls. On every project, the general contractor only has to deal with one ASI assigned Project Manager.

d. By dealing with only one company or its representative ASI will eliminate unnecessary aggravations and ensure the best possible project performance.

e. By presenting our joint values, especially during contract negotiations for new projects, we will be the only ones who can assure the customer’s expectations. ASI will work jointly with only one company on the projects solicited by the general contractor during negotiation stages.

Architects and Interior Designers Benefits:

1. Being a freelance company, we will provide all of the services outlined in the Scope of Services, especially from the conceptual stages of the project without additional cost. In addition to the items specified for the projects owners and general contractors it will be as follows:

a. Create a team effort where ASI, before the bidding process and under the guidelines of architects and interior designers, will coordinate all necessary project details and specifications for all interior trades that will exceed the customer’s expectations.

b. By obtaining customers and participating on projects, one can appreciate ASI’s referring services. ASI provides services and values along with ASI representation. We do represent more than one company for all trades or specialties in order to eliminate conflict of interest.

c. By presenting our joint values, especially during the contract negotiations for new projects, we will separate ourselves from the competition to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Through the course of our experience, we believe only in team-oriented project participants.

ASI is open to your thoughts or suggestions. Please let us know about them by using Contact Us.


Boris Kushnir

Principal & CEO