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ASI participate on Exclusive & Elite type basis or on project owner's discression to pay for offered services.

On Exclusive or Elite type basis, ASI represents contractors for each trade and/or specialty without additional cost to customers. Under guidelines from the architect and interior designer, we will assign the scope of work with inclusions and exclusions, including prices breakdown. By bidding on “apples for apples” basis, it will allows selection of awarding companies on the basis of the low price. It means the same trade can be represented with more than one company for different specialties.

For example:

The cabinets trade consists of cabinet manufacturing, finishing and installation. Depending on the price factor,we can select low-bid companies for each specialty. The same thing can be with the staircase specialty, where stairs and railing system can be completed by different companies.

After the bid opening time, jointly with the general contractor and project owner, the bid results will be reviewed and, based on owner discretion, assigned an award. It will allow disclosure of the Bid Result information to every participating bidder, assuring participating companies the fairest bidding process. It creates competitiveness, loyalty and perpetuity relations with our affiliated companies for the best project outcome.