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ASI participate on Exclusive & Elite type basis or on projects with customer's discression to pay for offered services.

On Exclusive or Elite type basis, ASI represents contractors for each trade and/or specialty without additional cost to customers. Under guidelines from the architect and interior designer, we confirm interior details, selection of materials and products on the basis of the project’s allocated budget; We also provide specifications outlining quality standards for manufacturing and installation for the competitive bidding assurance.

Some Examples:

Slab interior doors can include different density of the particle board which reflects in cost factor. It can also include formaldehyde that isn’t healthy and can be harmful if the edges of the doors at top and bottom aren’t specified as being sealed with a different application. Wood species can be of a different grade, especially in exotic wood, which can reflect a substantial cost factor. If not properly specified, it can reflect on design style differences. Plain sliced wood cut reflects a more traditional style and quarter sawn wood cut reflect a contemporary style. Treads for staircases can be made from the same wood plank materials or in solid wood materials with some special applications. Not properly specifying details of the kitchen cabinets, casework and other woodworking specialties can reflect differences in tens of thousands of dollars and not proper quality. Sizes of the decorative parts can also create disproportional balances, which are common mistakes used on the most upscale projects.