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Design - Detailing

Under guidelines from the architect's and interior designer's, we will review drawings and as needed provide details required for the upcoming quality and competitive bidding.

ASI allows architects and interior designers to assure best possible quality of work and services within allocated budget. It provided not for an additional cost but with an additional saving.  ASI assign best possible qualified project manager for specific job and following procedures with ASI review board double assurence to every project detail, including coordination between trades right from project’s conceptual stages to its final completion. It prevents all participants’ time waste, potential aggravation and on many occasions find out too late to fix problem. Considering consumer piece of mind to every project detail typical example from one of our projects shall clearly define that only ASI participation can assure flawlessly performed project within the budget.

Example: At pool house area architect designed 12’ x 12’ with 2’ drop down soffit to accommodate woodworking beams 12’L x 2’H x 3”W with maple veneer and transparent finish. Bottom of the beams, in a span of every 8” or total of 21 beams, edges had to be curved for wave’s replication.  Following adopted procedures woodworking contractor usually start field measure when soffit build and painted. Then at least 30 days must be allowed for beams manufacturing and till project completion nobody will realize upcoming problem. Due to the framing and drywall application accepted tolerance up to ½” and no matter how skilled woodworking contractor is, gaps between soffit walls and beams will be from 1/8” to a ¼”. Those gaps then will be filled with caulking and paint touch up.

With ASI participation there will be no gaps, no touch ups and no time loss for beams manufacturing…

Would those sparkles any customer attention, especially when property builds for personal occupancy and not as a speck house? Can this example justify why ASI services not just an option but a necessity.

During design stages for doors and windows with casing and details, we will insure the proper balances, sizes and details required for the upcoming decorative doors and window treatments.

Performing interior architectural detailing at featured project, Art and Craft design style - 92 Bell Pasture in Ladera Ranch, we helped to avoid major problem. After appliances selection refrigerator would be furred out over the soffit line to the dining room area approx. 4”; in addition, this would not allow proper completion and the continuation of the crown molding system. With our help, the shaft elevator wall was readjusted prior to a major problem.

At the 68 Fox Road project in Ladera Ranch, for an Arts and Craft home style, after two months in design stages, six field measurements, and four trips to Russia to train and manage engineered and working personnel, we invented 4,300 sq.ft. of the wood flooring design. We claiming an amendment to most admired design style, which enter US market in 1880 by Frank Lloyd Wright. It completed the architectural and design style, giving a new warm and cozy appearance - Click Here