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Scope of Services


ASI provide three type of services:

1 - Standard: ASI bid against customer contractors and on awarded trades control its performance. 

2 - Exclusive: ASI participate on customer projects with at least (3) contractors for each trade or category. By hiring ASI on Exclusive basis, where only ASI affiliated companies participate on the projects. Customer contractors may also participate by registering for Affiliated partner. At this option customers can benefit from ASI services outlined at Scope of Services below without additional cost and act as a project coordinator on a bilateral basis.

3 - Elite: ASI participate on the custom homes upscale projects with the minimum budget of $600 per SF.  Our team of Elite contractors includes selected general contractor and subcontractors for all trades. Every company prequalified by ASI on the basis of an excellent record standing. On the customer discretion,  we can also help with selecting best possible qualified architect and/or interior designer without any additional fee. Prior to the agreement, ASI provide break down for construction cost. Customer contractors may also participate on the project by registering with ASI as an affiliated partner. ASI participation includes outlined at Scope of Services below witout additional cost and act as a project coordinator on a bilateral basis.

Note: On Exclusive or Elite type basis ASI provide services under guidelines from the architect and/or interior designer.

Scope Of Services For Interior Trades (ASI can provide the same services for Exterior trades for an additional cost):

  • Prior to the bidding process ASI will verify and coordinate design details and specifications.
  • Provide budget evaluation: It will include Value Engineering as an additive and/or deductive alternates which will assure customer concerns to the allocated budget.
  • Provide project details, specifications and/or as-needed design drawings.
  • Provide scope of work with inclusions and exclusions to insure competitive, “apple to apple” bidding from the subcontractors and material suppliers.
  • Provide estimates, prior to the bidding process. It include unit price for labor and materials with the industry addopted markups for comparison with upcoming bids.
  • Invite at least three (3) ASI affiliated companies for the general contractor’s or customer’s approval.
  • Preparation of the "Itemized Bid Report" spreadsheet with a breakdown of trade specialties and scope of work details on the basis of previously prepared target prices.
  • Jointly with the general contractor and customer, review and evaluate upcoming bids and enter them to the “Itemized Bid Result” form provided by ASI. Submit bid result form to all participants.


NOTE: In case of customer selection to retain ASI for Exclusive or Elite participation on the project, unless the above services are renegotiated, they become a part of the contract.