Welcome to ASI

What is ASI? 

Architectural Sourcing, Inc. (ASI) is a Construction Professionals Network whose discovery was based on over thirty years of research and development in the subcontracting and general contracting fields. ASI offers one-stop service for any construction need. ASI partners with at least three contractors and material suppliers (affiliates) for each trade and/or category of residential and commercial projects. ASI provides marketing, estimating, bid negotiations and project-coordination until the project’s final completion. ASI also helps customers to organize a team of professionals, such as architects, interior designers, etc., and under guidelines given by architects and/or interior designers, provides details, specifications, and preparation of the bidding documents, including takeoff and scope of work for competitive bidding (See Scope of Services).

ASI utilizes its former experience with Woodwork Institute (WI) methodology, where instead of being a watchdog, ASI participates on projects without additional cost. It creates the most professional, fairest, and team player’s environment. Based on construction needs, ASI partner with professionals, contractors, and material suppliers (affiliates) in order to participate in projects of any size, location, and quality required. Part of ASI partnership involves marketing, estimating, contract-award negation, and project coordination until the final stages.

What are the biggest advantages to ASI project participation?

By providing at least three affiliated companies, ASI is able to participate on a bilateral basis, assuring customers have no conflicts of interest as well as the project’s best outcome. ASI’s membership fee (profit-sharing is publicly disclosed during affiliates’ registration) is only .25% to 5% (depending upon the project’s size). It allows ASI partners to save 3% to 8% on ASI services. It makes ASI more competitive while also ensuring the best possible work and services quality. ASI partners enter the contract award and pay ASI’s share based upon the philosophy of “You are paid when I am paid”. For a full scope of customer and affiliate benefits, please visit Customer and Affiliate Benefits. For project-posting convenience we use the Invitation To Bid (ITB) form.

What type of services we provide? 

ASI participates in projects under three options: [Click here]. For control and efficiency, we use our Cost Quality and Time Management Control System (CQTMCS) as well as the estimating software Plansfit, integrated with Textura (Project Management & Payable Networking). At the customer’s discretion, or in case of project overload, we refer qualified professionals, contractors, and/or product/material suppliers. We also provide estimating services for any customer’s needs with time efficiency and competitive prices.

What do we do? 

ASI’s project participation guarantees the best possible outcome for required work and service quality within the allocated budget. ASI project participation is not just a choice; it is a necessity for any project! 

What problems do we solve? 

ASI’s project participation helps to solve almost any problems in construction, especially what is known as “assassination” during bidding and project performance stages. The significance of ASI’s participation on every construction project can be justified by reviewing one of our project experiences with Legit Painting, Inc. on one of our joint TI, $20K SF projects, “The Container Store”, in the city of El Segundo. Just representing one trade only, even though the bidding documents were made to be replicated for chain stores around the country, there were discrepancies and vague interpretations of the plans and specifications. It took over six days of rebuttal with general contractor and the architect before they unconditionally accepted our justification. Because of ASI’s bilateral position between subcontractors and customers, we were able to mediate $32K and change the order to only $18K. For rebuttal of the interpretation of plans and specs on the project, (Click Here). For Legit’s reference letter, (Click Here).

How is our business different?

Our Founder’s hands-on artisan, design, engineering, and professional experience from over 30 years in general contracting and subcontracting in California, stands for an unprecedented record of customer satisfaction on countless Public Works, government, commercial, and residential projects. Some of them are presented under Portfolio.

Why should anybody care? 

ASI’s services guarantees project performance to fulfill any customer’s dream. The most fascinating experience, which explains why interior designers and architects are specially-advised to work with ASI. It helps to coordinate the best possible project's outcome with ASI provided detailing's, specifications writing and project's coordination, which guarantees the best of project outcome. 

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